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Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Puppy

We have a new puppy at our house!  He is an 8 week old min-pin and we've named him Mr. Bentley, because he has a bow tie on his chest as part of his natural markings.  He gets called Bentley most of the time though.  He is a dear little soul, sometimes in hyper warp speed, sometimes calm, sometimes sound asleep.  He's brave and timid and curious, all rolled up into a little black fur baby.  And he gets told how adorable he is a million times a day.

Yesterday we went to the Pella Tulip Festival in Pella, Iowa to take photos of tulips.  Bentley went with, as I am determined to have one of those dogs that goes everywhere with me this time.  Anyway, there was another photographer there and she HAD to have a picture of him by the tulips.  He was a reluctant model, but she eventually got the shot she wanted after about thirty tries.  Ha!  I was glad he was nice to the tulips, because when he comes across a dandelion he promptly rips it head off and shakes the crap out of it.  The head of a dandelion fills his entire mouth, so you get an idea of what size he is.

Bentley has caused me to take a new look at things again, from his level.  Together we've found some interesting things (at least they are to Bentley): A couple of screws, a few cigarette butts, a link of a chain, interesting rocks that promptly go into his mouth, some interesting leaves, violets at the park...anything tiny that I normally would have passed by.  He has caused me to speed up (as he is really quick on his tiny feet) and slow down (because he is so tiny, I don't want to step on him...and he consumes great quantities of my time-- so who cares if something doesn't get done?  The house hasn't fallen down around our ears yet). I think we are going to be good friends.

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  1. oh hes sounds cute you will have to post a photo of the cutie!