Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Morning!

It's been a loooooong time since I've done any blogging!  It's been a rough year or so.  My momma and my oldest brother both passed away, I have a pretty sick hubby, adopting rescued chihuahuas, two kids in college, I remodeled my kitchen (yay! power tools!!!), and all sorts of other things have been consuming my time.  But now that winter is over and spring is here, I feel as if a fog has been lifted.  Hooray!

During this last year, I feel as if I have finally reached a point in my art that I am happily comfortable with.  It brings me great joy, and I am no longer afraid of starting a piece of art.  I feel FEARLESS!  I feel playful again!  When I make art, I am at my happiest!  Art really does heal.

One of my new found passions is painting dog portraits.  Yes, I am one of those strange people that love their dogs more than most people I know.  I'd take a bullet for them!  So, of course it was only natural to start painting them, since I'm quite passionate about them.  The first one is Patches, one of our adopted chihuahuas (we have three and a fat min-pin!).  The other portraits are of friend's dogs.  Doesn't matter, if it is a dog, I love to paint it.  Or cats. The cats below are my grandkittens, Mr. Moo and Mr. Mustache, both are rescued.


My friend Barb's dog, Greta



These are my three chi's painted in a more whimsical style and made into ornaments for my Christmas tree!  Karma, Patches, and Bandito are all rescues from A Place to Bark Animal Rescue.

Mr. Moo and Mr. Mustache

Seems as though I come from a long line of artists.  I learned to paint from my mother.  She taught her mother and her aunt how to paint.  I taught my daughter how to paint.  But what I discovered while cleaning out my mother's estate was something I never knew!  My great grandmother painted!  And what did she paint?  The only painting known that she made?  A dog, of course!!!

Something else I found, stashed in the furnace room at my mom's estate, was a painting I made as a kid of my dog, Dudley. So, I guess I have loved painting dogs in the past, but now I have a renewed passion for it.

If you'd like to have a portrait of your pet, please contact me.  It brings me great joy to paint them, and I'd be happy to make one just for you!



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