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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Art Garbage Disposal

I got up this morning, determined I was going to make huge leaps and bounds on my altered art recipe card swap.  And I DID!  I had six ADORABLE things made, if I do say so myself....and during my accidental nap (fell asleep watching football with my hubby), Bentley turned my computer chair, climbed up on it, then climbed up on my art table and chewed three of them to smithereens!  It looks like someone put them in an art garbage disposal!  I WAS SOOOOO MAD I couldn't even talk to him.  I had worked soooo hard on them and put a lot of time and effort into them.  Sigh.  I can recreate them, but what a waste of time.  Isn't it?  I mean, I already made the same thing six times and now it will be NINE times!  Sigh. 

This week I have tried to get Jeffrey out to take pictures.  He just hasn't been in the mood, I guess.  I know he hasn't felt well at all this week, but I thought if I could get him outside it might help in some small way.  Today it was rainy.  And he decides he wants to go up to Reiman Gardens and take pictures of flowers with water drops on them.  Ha!  I knew he was serious and desperate to do it.  It is really unlike him to put our cameras in any sort of adverse weather conditions.  He can't see, he is sick, super wobbly and weak, and we went anyway.  Why?  There is a desperation, I think, before his next eye surgery on Wednesday.

He struggled a lot today, and I pray there are some great photos on that camera card.  We didn't make it very far, he almost passed out several times and I had to hold him up so he could snap photos.  It was really stressful for me to have him be so weak and unstable, in the rain, with two of our best cameras, holding the umbrella and him...but despite that, I had a MARVELOUS time with him.  It was cozy.  Just him and me, out in the rainy gardens, no one around...we could struggle all we needed without feeling awkward with others watching.  And I know it felt good for him to be behind a camera.  It is his passion.  Like me, with art supplies or a torch in my hand....that's when I'm happiest.  It gives me a boost of spirit, even if it is for a few minutes out of a day.  He goes huge amounts of time without taking pictures.  And I'm going to make a point to change that. 

It was also odd to pick out what he should shoot.  He had a great eye for pictures I would never attempt.  Today I had to tell him what flowers were good to take photos of, or point out a string of raindrops on a branch that would make an interesting photo because he couldn't see them.  And he would position himself and take a picture...not the one I would have in my mind, but one HE would have taken if he could have seen well.  It is like his brain has a sense, even though his eyes don't have that ability they once had.  How does a blind guy take such cool pictures?!?  Ha!  Maybe God or an angel is holding his hands and guiding him.

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  1. How did the surgery go? Please update us.

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog...I am glad to have you!